Zaru soba

Zaru Soba

Zaru soba (ざ る そ ば) is a Japanese dish particularly popular during the hot summer season.
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Zaru soba (ざ る そ ば) is a Japanese dish particularly appreciated during the hot summer season.

It consists of buckwheat noodles eaten dipped in a savory cold broth called mentsuyu ("spaghetti sauce") seasoned to taste with wasabi, ginger, daikon and spring onion. The word zaru instead refers to the bamboo basket in which noodles are served.

The recipe is for two people.


250 gr of soba

daikon peeled and grated

peeled and grated ginger

1/4 of nori seaweed cut into thin strips

finely chopped spring onion (only the green part)

wasabi q.b.


200 ml water

100 ml soy sauce

75 ml mirin

1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of katsuobushi

1 piece of kombu seaweed


- Start by preparing the mentusyu: combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Turn off the stove and allow to cool to room temperature. Filter through a colander into the special ceramic bowl.

- Cook the soba following the instructions on the package. Drain and cool immediately with very cold water, turning the spaghetti with your hands to remove the starch. Drain well.

- Arrange the soba on the zaru and garnish with thin strips of nori seaweed.

- Prepare a saucer with the condiments: daikon, ginger, spring onion, wasabi. Season the cold broth with these ingredients to taste, dip the soba in a little at a time and consume it.

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