Vari tipi di sushi

Various types of sushi

5 Types of nigiri
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Sushi, considered artistic and highly skilled Japanese cuisine, is now so common and popular that you can pop into your local grocery store and grab a packet of sushi to eat at home while watching the Netflix binge.

The sushi we know today is very different from where it started. The original sushi was once a staple dish in various regions of Asia and was salted fish preserved in fermented rice. In fact, the word "sushi" roughly means "sour" as a nod to its fermented origins. This style of sushi was common in Japan until the end of the Edo period, when it evolved into Edomae zushi, a style of sushi closer to what we eat today. Developed by Hanaya Yohei, this sushi was larger, used fresh fish, was prepared quickly, and had to be eaten with the hands.

Contemporary sushi uses vinegared rice topped with fish, meat and vegetables, mixing traditional and sometimes non-traditional ingredients. You can order a variety of styles of sushi, and yes, there is a difference between Japanese-style sushi and Western-style sushi.


Presented with only one ingredient, usually fish, served over rice. Nigiri is not necessarily raw, but it is mainly suitable for those who love the taste of fish and seafood.


Fish or Mollusc served alone. Although it does not use rice, it is strictly known as a type of sushi. The best choice for people who really love the taste of fish, as it is served alone without rice.


Rice and ingredients wrapped together with nori seaweed. The type of sushi that most people think of when they think of sushi.


Similar to maki, but with rice that has seaweed and ingredients. These rolls often have many toppings and sauces: they can be cooked or raw


Sushi that has been hand rolled into a cone shape. Cones are not as easy to share as rolls (albeit very delicious!)

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