Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo - 180ml

Hakkaisan Junmai Daiginjo - 180ml

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Hakkaisan junmai daiginjo hyotanbin sake of the highest quality. It is enjoyed chilled, alone or with lightly grilled fish and fresh seafood. The scent is slightly fruity and nutty, but with savory mineral notes that translate into a very clean palate. The balanced nature of this junmai daiginjo sake means that it can be enjoyed by sake lovers and novices alike.

"Hyotanbin" is a reference to the unique shape of the travel-friendly bottle. Hyotan is the Japanese name for a type of gourd that has this wavy shape. Take Hakkaisan junmai ginjo hyotanbin sake on picnics or holidays to instantly add Japanese elegance to meals or gatherings.

Made in Japan


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