Asahi Shuzo Dassai 45 16% Vol - 300ml

Asahi Shuzo Dassai 45 16% Vol - 300ml

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"There is no reason for us to make sake unless it is super delicious.", this is Dassai's way.

Using Yamada-Nishiki rice honed up to 45%, this premium quality sake junmai daiginjo nigori provides fruit flavors and a subtle sweetness

Experience the best sake that Yamaguchi prefecture has to offer offer with this fine bottle of sake Dassai junmai daiginjo nigori. This high-class Dassai range was once very popular when gifted to the President of the United States and the demand was such that getting one was next to impossible. This particular Dassai is made with 50% ground Yamada Nishiki rice, water and rice koji and filtered just enough to preserve its naturally sweet, full-bodied but refreshing flavor. To be enjoyed chilled in a wine glass to best savor its delicate aroma.

Made in Japan

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