Miyako Dry Koji Rice - 200g

Miyako Dry Koji Rice - 200g

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Koji are edible mushrooms that have been used in Japan for over a thousand years to make soy sauce, miso paste or sake. In addition to their unusual taste properties, koji are also a treasure trove of beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Rice fermented with koji mushrooms is at the heart of the Japanese diet.

With Miyako Koji rice we can prepare shio koji, a traditional Japanese marinade for meat, fish and vegetables. We will need 200 g of Miyako Koji rice, 50 g of sea salt and 240 ml of water. Crumble the koji rice into single grains in your hands, salt and mix well. Then add water, increasing the amount if it doesn't completely cover the rice. Grind the rice with your hands and pour it with the water into the jar, always making sure that the rice does not protrude from its surface. Close the jar and store it at room temperature for a week (summer) or two weeks (winter), as the heat speeds up the fermentation process. Remember to open the jar once a day and mix the rice well, adding a little water if it is too hard.

During fermentation, the shio koji will thicken and its salty flavor will become more salty. delicate over time. After preparation, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months and used to marinate meat, fish and vegetables, as well as as an addition to soups and sauces.

Made in Japan

Nutritional values ​​per 100g
energy 1590 kJ / 380 kcal
fat 1.4 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
carbohydrates 84.1 g
of which sugars 17 g
proteins 7.7 g
goes up 0 g


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